DIY Wedding Flowers

Do you like the idea of creating your own bouquets for your wedding? Are you the kind of person who likes trying new things and would enjoy tackling a big project? Do you feel that you have the talent, time, space, and tools that it takes to get the job done? Is your budget such that you cannot afford a full, or partial service florist? Then do-it-yourself flowers might be just the thing for you!


To order DIY flowers, please fill out my order form. Orders must be placed a minimum of 7 days prior to your event. Once your order is received you will be informed of availability of flowers for your date. Once confirmed, I ask for a down payment of 50% of your order. The remainder of your total will be due at the time you receive your flowers. Payment can be made by check, or via Venmo or the Cash App. Let me know your desired color palette and I will fill your DIY bucket(s) with an assortment of greenery, filler, and focal flowers - a great mix to make some beautiful arrangements! Each bucket will have approximately 65-85 stems for $68. The amount of stems will vary depending on the kinds of flowers that are in bloom at that time of year.  If you have a favorite flower that you want to be sure will make it's way into your bucket. Or if you would like to choose a few premium flowers to add to the mix, there is a place for you to specify that on the order form. Single kinds of flowers are sold by the single stem or by the 5 or 10 stem bunch. Keep in mind that availability of any flower that you may desire varies week to week depending on when they are in season and in bloom on the farm. You may pick up your DIY flowers here at the farm. To ensure that your flowers are as fresh as possible, but also that you have enough time to create your arrangements, I would recommend picking up your DIY flowers two days in advance of your event. If that doesn’t work for you I can accommodate your schedule, with enough forward notice. Note that flowers should be transported in an air conditioned vehicle - the open bed of a pick up truck will not do! If you are unable to pick up your bulk blooms or don’t have the vehicle necessary for the job delivery is possible for a fee of $.50 per mile, round trip.

FAQ's -

How do I know what flowers are in bloom?

Visit the                                    page!

How Many Arrangements Can Be Made With Each Bucket?

This depends on the size of your vase, on how lush and full you would like to make each arrangement, or the size you want your bridal bouquet to be. To give you a reference, you could make roughly 5-7 quart sized mason jar arrangements from one bucket. Or 2-3 small to medium sized bridesmaid bouquets.


Do the Flowers Need to Be Refrigerated?

Refrigeration is ideal, but not required. If you don’t have access to refrigeration keep your flowers in clean water, in a cool room or basement, out of the direct sunlight, and away from food and pets. boutonnieres and corsages should be refrigerated if at all possible or can be placed on top of a cooler of ice.


How Long Will My Flowers Last?

It depends on the variety, but when you receive blooms from MissAliss they are picked fresh and in their prime. If cared for properly, most flowers will last one to three weeks. Be sure to use fresh water when arranging into vases and change it out as often as once a day. Keep bridal bouquets in vases of water until it is time for them to be used. And once they are created, keep boutonnieres or corsages in the refrigerator. 

Can I Order Just Single Stem Flowers or A Bunch of Flowers?

Yes, you can. My minimum order for anything less than a bucket, is $40.