Flower Subscription

When you purchase a Flower Subscription with MissAliss you will receive 10 bouquets throughout the summer from June through September. These bouquets are created from the flowers that I harvest straight from my field - they are fresh, nontraditional, and bright! By doing this, not only are you benefiting yourself by filling your home with lovely, locally grown flowers and getting them at a discounted price, you are supporting one of your local, small businesses. By purchasing a flower subscription for $180 you are helping me with my early season expense. This makes you a big part of jump starting me into a successful season! Come partner with your local farmer florist in 2020 and enjoy the beauty of the Colorado season! Note: Sign up runs from January 1st to June 1st.

Once you purchase a subscription you will receive a flower card which can be picked up at the Estes Valley farmers market on Thursdays starting in June. You are responsible for picking up your card. For those living in the Greeley, Loveland, or Fort Collins area, email us for details about card and flower pickup.

Find payment method options on the contact page.

Note: By purchasing a flower subscription with MissAliss Blooms you agree to share in the bounty and the risks of farming. In the event of partial or total crop loss. Flower Subscriptions cannot be refunded.


Flower Subscription cards expire 12/31/20