My Story


        My name is Alissa Joy Cockroft. I am known by my family and friends as Liss and my customers as MissAliss. I was born and raised here, in Northern Colorado, on our small family farm. For generations, my grandparents and great grandparents farmed the land that I live on today, making me a sixth generation farmer. When I was young, my parents started growing organic vegetables. Ever since, my six siblings and I have worked alongside them to grow a thriving family farm and business.

    I grew up loving the country and the beauty of creation; more specifically, flowers! When I graduated high school, I decided to work on a flower farm about thirty minutes south of our family farm. There, I learned about growing flowers, arranging bouquets, harvesting, and caring for specialty cut blooms. Throughout this process, my love for these beauties only grew. One day, the owners asked me, “Well, are you going to start your own flower business?” Being that I was raised with an entrepreneurial spirit, I loved flowers, and had a knack for arranging them, it only seemed to make sense that I would pursue building a flower business of my own. To add to that, my parents already had land and a thriving farm. So, in 2016, I began my journey as a flower farmer and started, what is now, MissAliss Blooms!

       My desire is to grow high quality flowers, in a sustainable way, in order to provide my customers with blooms that will last. This is only possible due to the quality with which my flowers are grown and the freshness with which they are sent off from the farm. I love being able to choose what I will grow, from the endless number of beautiful varieties of flowers out there. I am also very passionate about designing my fresh flowers into lush, hand-crafted arrangements. Because of this, I am able to provide my customers with unique, seasonal, specialty cuts, and fresh from the garden arrangements. I have a high standard when it comes to everything that I do. My love of growing flowers, my love of being in nature, and the joy I find in creating beautiful arrangements with the blooms that I grow, all play a huge part in everything that I do. My heart is to bring a high-quality, long-lasting, nontraditional, and beautiful product to everyone with whom I work. My hope is that I would bring joy to hearts and homes, smiles and tears to the faces of my brides, and spread endless beauty with my blooms.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and for supporting your local farmer florist!